Memories on Father’s Day

God gifted me with the most wonderful, loving, hot tempered, hard headed handful of a father. I can say that because I’m just like him in a lot of ways. He loved with every part of his being, he got mad with every part too! 😂 We would butt heads like goats in a fight, say our peace and return to our corners never to discuss the dispute again. My brother…he is exactly like my dad. I can hear his grunt and eye roll over that read now. My mama has had an entertaining life to say the least! She has had to laugh to keep from crying.

In life we are given one biological father: good, bad and indifferent that is the truth! My daddy has been gone for 3 years and Father’s Day has and probably always will be tough. I was a Daddy’s girl. I went fishing, hunting, working, fire calling, truck driving, school skipping 😂, grocery shopping, house remodeling, step by step with my daddy. All the way to the end of his life. I was sitting in a chair next to him when he took his last breath. Tough? Yes it was tough but what was worse was watching this man full of life and personality be stuck in a hospital bed day in and day out telling us he was useless. God made that easier for us to let him go. There are days I miss him like crazy and days that I celebrate the wonderful life he and Mama provided for us.

If you are like me there are many men who have fit the “Father” category that have had an essential part in my life. My daddy’s friends treated me like their own and they still do! Since my diagnosis of Myasthenia Gravis my Daddy might not be here but MANY have filled that spot! Daddy’s best friend Billy comes to mind first. When I’m sick he and his wife Sonora are there. He has cried for me, prayed for me, worried about me, fussed at me and filled my daddy’s shoes. In fact, if he is reading this, he is more than likely teary- eyed and I will get a phone call.

Other men that don’t have to but choose to fill my daddy’s shoes are his brother Gene, his best friend Steve, my Uncle Ben, our friend Kenny, our Pastor Jerry, my brother Wyatt and my husband Tal. I might not talk to them everyday but I can’t get away with nothing! I know that all I have to do is call them and there they are, no questions. They keep check, take care, fuss over and keep me in line. The difference between them and daddy’s is that they do it gingerly. 😂😂😂 Tal is the only one that give me the head butting goat fight and maybe Wyatt occasionally. One of the last times my daddy was in the hospital he called me back into his room when Tal and I were leaving to say these exact words: “Did you know that you did a real good job finding someone just like me? Boy, Tal is just like me!” I laughed and replied “Yes sir, you have know idea!” Mama and I laugh a bunch of days because Tal feels like he has to keep up with the two of us! 😂😂 Good luck!

I have been so fortunate to have the love of a good father in my life time. For those of you that know, it is priceless. For those of you that haven’t experienced that yet, there is such a thing. Our Heavenly Father provides such a love for us that is unmatched by anything you or I have ever know and all you have to do is accept it. I never dreamed that I would lose my daddy at soon as I did but God has stepped in, showed up and showed out in ways that are indescribable and unimaginable. He has provided love and comfort when I needed it and He can provide for you too. While I miss my daddy I have peace in knowing he is waiting with my Heavenly Father on me one day. So this Father’s Day if you have your Dad present, hug him tight, tell him that you love him, put down your phone and spend time with him because we are never guaranteed tomorrow. Make those memories while you can.

To all of you dads; Happy Father’s Day!

Much love and thanks for reading! ~Melynda

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