Get your Kleenex Tina…

While most of the time I write in my blog about my battle with Myasthenia Gravis today is going to be different.

Yesterday, the local Christian radio station that I listen to came to visit our “Tiny Town”. I had taken the day off of work and decided I was going to go up there. Little did I know the blessing I was going to receive. This is one of the first “outings” I’ve been on without my mask and since I’ve been off of prednisone. So needless to say my appearance changed. I feel so much better that I can actually participate in things. I received a bunch of hugs and love from people who couldn’t believe how much better I looked. These are people that I KNOW have been praying for me daily. I KNOW these people love me and WE are family. We may look different but WE are Lincoln County!

I was especially moved when I got to see a couple who have been fighting a battle much different from mine. Jamey and Tina Corley are younger than me but I have known Jamey for at least 35 years. He and I grew up in the same small community called Leah, Georgia right across the lake from where we both live now. Jamie and my brother ran the same circles and had the same friends.

I was crushed when he was “given the diagnosis” of esophageal cancer with metastasis to the liver last August. He is so young and so are his children. His wife, Tina, and I keep up on Facebook so I know the hills and valleys they have been through. After his first round of chemo the liver was declared cancer free. Prayer people! God is in the healing business…every single day and this is proof!

Yesterday, I saw Jamey and Tina walking up toward the Welcome Center and I rushed down the porch steps to see them. I became very emotional because I have been praying for him everyday and he looked great! We hugged, I got teary eyed and hugged again. The whole thing was caught on video. Tina was hidden from view on the other side of a tree (of course in her she put it on Facebook with her husband hugging some strange woman! 😂😂). I almost spit out my drink when I saw it and I laughed so hard.

In talking with Jamey I told him I have been praying for him daily and he replied I pray for you every night too. I got to hug Tina even though THAT didn’t get on the video! Jamey couldn’t have found a better wife. She is beautiful, loving and hysterically funny; a precious person all around. She doesn’t know it but her sense of humor has helped me through some bad days. It was a wonderful reunion! I can’t imagine what reunions are going to be like in heaven but, I’m sure they will fill your heart with as much joy as this one.

In our conversation Jamey said something that struck me. He said he has “not claimed this cancer” he completely laid it at Jesus’ feet last August; LAST August! How strong of a person is that? I struggle with things that I give to God and then I take it back and try to fix it. Tina and I chuckled because she said she does the same thing. He is as peaceful as any person I’ve met. I want that too! I pray The Lord will give me that strength to give Myasthenia Gravis to HIM permanently! What a reminder that I needed to hear!

I need you to do something for Jamey and Tina. He has an important scan on Monday. Lift him and Tina up in prayer as they continue to Praise Jesus in the hills and valleys. Jamey said he knows he is going to be cancer free and I fully believe him because I believe in HIM! God is The Great Physician and all we have to do is lay it at His feet and leave it there. Thank you Jamey and Tina for lifting my spirits and reminding me to leave it there! I love y’all!

Thanks for reading and praying! ~Melynda

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Happy Birthday MG!

Two years ago today my life changed in ways that I would never have imagined. I was sidelined with a diagnosis that has literally stopped me in my tracks on more than one occasion. Fifteen to be exact within those two years! It has been a whirlwind of a ride to say the least. My normal now involves a lot more time at home and a lot more rest than I used to need! Long gone are the days of staying up half the night cleaning out closets, painting rooms, installing floors or whatever else that needed to be done. Now my days are different than they used to be and for a long time I mourned the person I once was but today; well today is a different story.

Today I have a few things I’ve learned in the past two years that have kept me grounded and fighting each day. Here they are:

1. There is a God. He is real. He is on His Throne and He loves me. God has more elaborate plans for me. Several times I have come close to not being here. He obviously isn’t through with me yet! I can’t wait to see what’s ahead!

2. My bed feels so good! I have to rest there is no choice. I cannot function without it. I never realized how good a bed could feel but I love our bed! In the evenings I can be finishing up the dishes and ask Daisy (my dog) “Do you want to go get in the bed?” She spins in circles because she knows what’s coming! 😂😂 She is a little spoiled.

3. Family is everything! You cannot pick your family. They might tick my off but when it comes down to it mine are the best. They have stood by me on my good days and bad. We have laughed a lot, cried a little and fought this fight together!

4. Prayers have sustained me this far. I appreciate everyone of them. There have been times I have felt like someone has wrapped their arms around me and it’s usually when I’ve been struggling with something.

5. Prednisone is of the devil! Not only has it ballooned me up to look like the man in the moon it has caused me to become diabetic. A diagnosis I never wanted to get. Hopefully once I get off of it the diabetes will go away. I am currently trying to control it with diet. Call me out if I’m cheating! I will deserve it because my life depends on it!

6. Myasthenia Gravis is as complicated as they come. Nothing is ever the same twice and I have days when I still am not sure of what is going to happen. It proves exactly how intricate the human body was designed!

7. Rushing is not worth it. I cannot physically run or hurry myself. The more I try the more overworked the muscles get then the less they work. It’s a vicious cycle so I just stop and smell the roses. My dad used to say on the golf course take your time, feel the breeze, listen to the birds, smell the grass, relax, enjoy. I think of that a lot of days when I’m slow moving! I enjoy the slow pace that we tend to lose when we become adults.

8. Sit at the table for meals with the family. Soak in the laughter, smart comments, jokes and sheer delight on the faces of your loved ones. This makes me happier than most things because everyone I love is right there enjoying each other.

9. Don’t give in to the diagnosis. If I wanted I could file for disability and sit my butt at home everyday but what good would that do me? I want to serve a purpose and be around people. I want to live each day to the fullest. I might have this disease but it doesn’t have me!

10. Live each day like it is your last. It might be, we are never promised tomorrow. I make sure my folks know I love them because I do. Chances are I will tell you too because I do!

And last but not least…Do NOT fret over the small stuff. It doesn’t matter if my hair looks funny or I have to wear my coke bottle glasses. It doesn’t matter if my plates don’t match my cups. It doesn’t matter if the dog brought some dirt. In the grand scheme of things life is too short to let anything or anyone steal your joy! Be happy!

So as I think back in these last two years some may think it’s a curse but I consider it a blessing that I can focus more on God and less on this world! My relationship with God has become stronger that I ever dreamed. I’m still learning and growing but it’s closer to Him!

Have a great day! I know I am! 😘😘 ~ Melynda

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Memories on Father’s Day

God gifted me with the most wonderful, loving, hot tempered, hard headed handful of a father. I can say that because I’m just like him in a lot of ways. He loved with every part of his being, he got mad with every part too! 😂 We would butt heads like goats in a fight, say our peace and return to our corners never to discuss the dispute again. My brother…he is exactly like my dad. I can hear his grunt and eye roll over that read now. My mama has had an entertaining life to say the least! She has had to laugh to keep from crying.

In life we are given one biological father: good, bad and indifferent that is the truth! My daddy has been gone for 3 years and Father’s Day has and probably always will be tough. I was a Daddy’s girl. I went fishing, hunting, working, fire calling, truck driving, school skipping 😂, grocery shopping, house remodeling, step by step with my daddy. All the way to the end of his life. I was sitting in a chair next to him when he took his last breath. Tough? Yes it was tough but what was worse was watching this man full of life and personality be stuck in a hospital bed day in and day out telling us he was useless. God made that easier for us to let him go. There are days I miss him like crazy and days that I celebrate the wonderful life he and Mama provided for us.

If you are like me there are many men who have fit the “Father” category that have had an essential part in my life. My daddy’s friends treated me like their own and they still do! Since my diagnosis of Myasthenia Gravis my Daddy might not be here but MANY have filled that spot! Daddy’s best friend Billy comes to mind first. When I’m sick he and his wife Sonora are there. He has cried for me, prayed for me, worried about me, fussed at me and filled my daddy’s shoes. In fact, if he is reading this, he is more than likely teary- eyed and I will get a phone call.

Other men that don’t have to but choose to fill my daddy’s shoes are his brother Gene, his best friend Steve, my Uncle Ben, our friend Kenny, our Pastor Jerry, my brother Wyatt and my husband Tal. I might not talk to them everyday but I can’t get away with nothing! I know that all I have to do is call them and there they are, no questions. They keep check, take care, fuss over and keep me in line. The difference between them and daddy’s is that they do it gingerly. 😂😂😂 Tal is the only one that give me the head butting goat fight and maybe Wyatt occasionally. One of the last times my daddy was in the hospital he called me back into his room when Tal and I were leaving to say these exact words: “Did you know that you did a real good job finding someone just like me? Boy, Tal is just like me!” I laughed and replied “Yes sir, you have know idea!” Mama and I laugh a bunch of days because Tal feels like he has to keep up with the two of us! 😂😂 Good luck!

I have been so fortunate to have the love of a good father in my life time. For those of you that know, it is priceless. For those of you that haven’t experienced that yet, there is such a thing. Our Heavenly Father provides such a love for us that is unmatched by anything you or I have ever know and all you have to do is accept it. I never dreamed that I would lose my daddy at soon as I did but God has stepped in, showed up and showed out in ways that are indescribable and unimaginable. He has provided love and comfort when I needed it and He can provide for you too. While I miss my daddy I have peace in knowing he is waiting with my Heavenly Father on me one day. So this Father’s Day if you have your Dad present, hug him tight, tell him that you love him, put down your phone and spend time with him because we are never guaranteed tomorrow. Make those memories while you can.

To all of you dads; Happy Father’s Day!

Much love and thanks for reading! ~Melynda

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Tough stuff to share…

Through my battle with Myasthenia Gravis there are things I don’t like to share. Things I don’t want people to see or hear but, this week has been rough. One of the symptoms that I struggle with is a feeling of “impending doom”. It’s hard to describe and share how I truly feel. This feeling is not every day. It comes at random times and when it hits it does not play. I feel like I am going to die, at any given moment.

This past Tuesday when I woke up I knew it was not going to be a good day. My first thought when I hit my alarm clock was – I am not going to be here for Adam’s graduation. I know that this is not real. It is not me, it is not how I am made but it is debilitating. I refuse to give in to it so I do my best to ignore it. I got dressed and cried because in my mind I was going to die while having a bad hair day. I prayed for strength to fight this demon. I get in the car and start to back out the driveway when I have to stop and pray away the fear of dying in a car wreck. For the past couple of months to conserve energy and keep people from worrying about me I have been riding with a friend from work. I meet her at her house. On Tuesday when I got in her car Donna looked at me and said “How’s it going?” I cry again and have to explain what’s going on. Donna is ever the optimist and said “It’s going to be a great day today!” I get to work and cry because my pen ran out of ink. I’m not sure how that was going to kill me but whatever! I go to the bathroom and decide I’m going to die in the bathroom at DDEAMC because I might fall and hit my head. Jeepers! It was an all day affair of fear, prayer, fear, prayer. I think I prayed so much Jesus even said “It’s her AGAIN?”

I’m driving home from Donna’s house and Kathryn calls. We are talking when she makes a joke and I…yep you guessed it…burst into tears. Since getting diagnose with MG I have been so worried about my kids not being effected by this that I had not shared with Kathryn this part of the process. She took it better than I thought and assured me everything would be fine. She had no clue I dealt with this. I think she was speechless when I told her I cried about possibly hitting my head on the toilet and dying. After a long pause she said it you die that way I am putting it in your obituary. Note to self, I must die in a non dramatic fashion. 😂😂

I get home, pick up Mama and we go to vote. I see one of Kathryn’s life long friends who asks me how I am doing. At this point I can’t cover up the fact I’ve been crying all day. I look at Rozina and tell her that i am not having a good day. Her response is jumping up from her chair and embracing me in a huge hug in which she tells me she loves me and it will be ok. Well, that made me tear up even more! That small gesture meant more than she will ever know.

I finally make it home and Adam had come in from the State Championship Golf Tournament he played in on Monday & Tuesday. They didn’t place anywhere near first but they had fun. The team played in the pouring down rain and he made memories. He made me smile when he came home talking a mile a minute because that is rare. We talked for a bit and i went to bed.

When I woke up on Wednesday morning just as quickly as it had appeared it was gone. I felt good mentally and physically. I know it’s long and boring but I want people to know that sometime I simply cannot say that I’m doing good. Some days just stink and there is nothing you nor I can do about it.

I am not scared of dying at all. I have peace in knowing I will be with Jesus. I know that I will be healed in the heavenly fashion. However I would love to see Adam graduate tomorrow, meet my grandchildren (no she is not pregnant) and grow old with Tal like we planned. But let’s face it; we are not promised tomorrow. So, as for now I am making the most of each day I spend here on this earth. I do know what I am promised; eternal like with an Almighty God! How exciting is that? It reminds me of a song that I love to sing:

There is coming a day,
When no heart aches shall come,
No more clouds in the sky,
No more tears to dim the eye,
All is peace forever more,
On that happy golden shore,
What a day, glorious day that will be.

What a day that will be,
When my Jesus I shall see,
And I look upon His face,
The One who saved me by His grace;
When He takes me by the hand,
And leads me through the Promised Land,
What a day, glorious day that will be.

There’ll be no sorrow there,
No more burdens to bear,
No more sickness, no pain,
No more parting over there;
And forever I will be,
With the One who died for me,
What a day, glorious day that will be.

And what a day that will be but for now I will keep praying and plugging along!

Thanks for reading ~ Melynda

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It’s Official!

It’s official, the Poss Family no longer have children we have adults. I feel like every emotion is running through me right now. How can it be my baby is 18 today? This week we have registered to vote, signed up for the selective service, changed the class of his drivers license, properly written thank you cards, signed up for college orientation and had the athletic banquet. He won MVP for golf, he shared the prize with Jackson because their scores were within a tenth of a point of each other. He asked me if I knew how close that was. I assured him I knew my decimals. 😂😂 Today we celebrate his 18 years of a precious life God gave us.

Adam has proven to me and his daddy but mostly to himself that he IS the person I have always known he could be. Although he came into this world almost six weeks too soon, screamed for the first six months of his life and then for the next five years he got into everything possible and climbed whatever he could get a toe hold on within thirty miles at least his teenage years have been a breeze. He is my quiet, humble, kind and self conscious kid unlike his sister! 😳🙄

Some days I have felt that I have let him down in the past two years I’ve battled MG. I’ve felt like he has missed out on fun stuff and I have missed out on his things too. I am so proud of his accomplishments because he did them ALL by himself. I may have reminded or questioned him but that was it. He has never wanted to burden me or worry me with stuff. He always says “It’s fine Mama” or “Don’t worry”. When he has written a paper he shows me after the grade. He never seems to be bothered by things but I know some stuff has had to hurt him or bother him. He never lets on, through bad or good!

This boy loves plain and simple. He loves his Grandmas, his cousins and is loyal to a fault to his friends. He wants people to be happy and have a good time. He has a sense of humor like no other. He can be sarcastic like me and not have a care in the world like his daddy. He is perfectly and wonderfully made by an Almighty God and I thank HIM daily for allowing me to be Adam’s Mama.

Son – you will for ever be my Buddy Boy! Daddy and I are so proud of all you have accomplished and we cannot wait for your future to unfold. No matter what…I love you forever and always! ~ Mama

P.S. For those of you wondering my choice of music. The first song comes from his favorite movie growing up. The second one is the sappy Mama song. Hopefully one day he will actually read my blog and see it! Hopefully the link below will work so you can see the video I made for him.





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Happy Birthday Doodlebug!

So…today our first born celebrates her 24th birthday. It is so hard to fathom how fast those years have flown by. That is until she reminds you of things like “Mama I am exactly half your age”. Geesh! Do kids really need to remind us? Today I feel twice her age and a little extra! Haha!

Today, I want to focus on how beautiful you are Kathryn, inside and out! You have come such a long way from those teenage years! Teenage moms – it can happen, just hang on!

I am always delighted by our evening phone calls especially the ones that you start off with “Mama, today at school when I had to get on a kid. I opened my mouth and you just fell right on out!” It makes me giggle because now you understand why I acted & reacted some of the ways I did with you growing up. You are just like me. Lol, sometimes I just have to apologize for that.

Whether you are teaching, being a wife, daughter, granddaughter, friend or anything else for that matter you make me so proud of the person you have become.

I thought I would share some of her bridal portraits. Kathryn is very sentimental almost to the point of a pack rat but she leaves it at my house or the homes of her grandmas. She cracks me up! Jaron is going to have his hands fuller one day! Note I used the word fuller because his hands are full now poor thing! 😂😂

Here is Kathryn in my veil, she actually got married in it. It was stark white but after 26 years it was just the right shade.

This is her in my Mom’s 50 year old veil. It was too fragile to do much more than take pictures but what a special moment for her and my mom.

And in this one she is just being a bride. When I see this picture I see Tal’s mom Marie with her eyes full of joyful tears and her arms loaded down with stuff. I was in the hospital when these were made and she got to share this special moment with Kathryn.

Happy Birthday Doodlebug! I hope today holds as many memories as these pictures do! May all of your dreams come true! I love you to the moon and back a thousand times over.


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Shock & Awe

So there are times in a parent’s life that children tend to cause a sudden shock to our systems. You know what I’m talking about right? For instance, you unexpectedly get pregnant when you have a six year old and you have been trying for 4 years. Or said baby come out with reddish blonde hair and bright blue eyes when your first child has brown hair and brown eyes. Another example is when your mail lady sends you a private message asking if that is your son on the camo golf cart riding in our yard peeing off the side, (she also stated “I thought that was Tal Poss’ kid). The list can go on forever with this one and I am not kidding. Do you know that I have walked through Wal-Mart with a smiley face sticker on each butt cheek only to get to the car for him to take his thumb out of his mouth and tell me to turn around. He promptly plucked the stickers off of my butt and put them on the back of his hands….UGH! Adam is quiet and always has been so he could just do stuff and you would never know it until the proof came out! This kid has always been FULL of surprises. Over the years I’ve learned to laugh and forgive him for many things.
Last night was no exception at all, he told me less than twenty four hours before the event that he was invited to the Academic Awards Night at school. I asked him what he was getting and in true Adam response he said “I have no idea.” So I frantically tell my mama & Tal’s mama about it and make a call to his sister in Charleston. She assured me she would be there and not to tell him in case something came up. Our entire family was already exhilarated by the LCHS Golf Team winning first place in their region on Monday night and now he gets an invite for Academic Awards!! Woot Woot!!
I’m going to back track for a minute so I can explain why I was so shocked by his invitation. When he was in 10th grade I met with Dr. Gunby, the principal, and told him that I was not going to set Adam up for failure just to be an honor student. Some changes had been made to the way you became an honor student and it is pretty rigorous. Adam is my carefree, do just enough to get by, fly by the seat of your pants and make NO plans kind of child. Get my point? I have always picked my battles with him and I was not prepared to fight with him and make him hate school. I never thought anything more about it to be honest with you. I was just glad his grades were good, he was an athlete and all around good kid. He was able to get accepted to Augusta University, his first choice so Mama was happy!
Tuesday night made Mama so happy she couldn’t even sleep! We are sitting there about 8-9 rows back from Adam and they announce the SAT/ACT High Achievers category and what had to be accomplished to receive this award.  I knew that Adam would be getting this because he did good on his SAT. It came with $100 to put toward his education. They called his name. I was so proud and figured that was it. When they got to Scholar Athlete Awards I figured it went to the kids that were recognized through the year as scholar athletes. They stated that they had to play sports for three years and have an overall A average. THEY CALLED HIS NAME! I leaned over, told Mama “he has an A average” and we just grinned. He walked like he was trying to catch the bus on the highway of death to get to the stage and we clapped. I snapped pictures it was great! The program continues and give away what seemed like a million more awards and I figured that was it for Adam.

Myasthenia Gravis was not being very nice and trying to make me look a like Popeye – Grumpy Cat combo. When I am tired I loose all ability to control my facial expressions and my right eye just shuts. It’s not a pretty look that is for sure! After loosing the facial control, my neck gets weak and then my arms and legs. One thing I have a bad habit of doing when I get tired is moving my arms and legs. If they stop working I am up poop creek with no paddle. Someone is going to have to physically get me to the vehicle. I wish I could say my husband whisks me up in his arms and carries me wherever I need to go. Nope, it’s more like he bends over hoists me up over his shoulder and just totes me flailing around to the car. Yep, butt in air, head flopping ugliness going on. Anyway, Tal was not present for the awards, he chose to stay home, guess who is regretting that choice?

Anyway, I am wiggling and moving around making sure my body is going to work for me so I can leave on my own accord and all of a sudden in the middle of handing out gold tassels to the honor graduates they get to a couple of kids in front of Adam. We sit there patiently waiting to leave and next they announce “Adam Poss”…all four of our jaws dropped in our laps and I burst out in tears. My baby boy achieved something I had put aside as him never wanting to be bothered by. In a million years I never dreamed he would achieve this and it’s not because I didn’t think he could, I just thought he would never want to. I have made HIM do ALL the work his entire high school career. My philosophy is “I am not fixing you supper while you are 40 and still parked on my sofa!” You have to do it yourself and he did!
My mother in law described it best as “pure pride” that we felt. We were beaming! When Adam looked at us he gave us his trademark crooked grin and I swear his tooth in the corner of his mouth cha-chinged in the light like an Orbit gum commercial! And then he walked like he was still trying to catch the bus on the highway of death while racing snails. BTW-The snails were in the lead.

When it was all over I told him how proud I was of him and asked him when he knew. He said “UUUHHHH, when they called my name.” That is Adam for you! My goodness my heart is so full and happy right now I can hardly stand myself. My baby will be walking across the football field his grandmother, father, sister and numerous other relatives walked to receive their diplomas in just a few short weeks. I love life in our small town. I am attaching a video with just one of the highlights from this week. The seniors don their caps and gowns and walk through the halls of the same elementary school they attended to the delight and applause of the children attending there now. Last night I made sure that Adam had all of his stuff so he could put on his attire and proudly walk through the school one last time. He assured me he had it all this morning when I called to wake him up. “Have a great day, I love you” I said. “I love you too” he replied. All was well with the world. My friend Kathy Moore recorded this video for me and sent it to me. I was beaming with pride in my office only to see Adam looks naked under his gown because all I can see is hairy legs and tennis shoes. Good grief! I immediately text him and asked him if he was wearing shorts to which his text reply came back “maybe”! Oh sweet mother of pearl, my life will never be boring with this one!

Thanks for reading, sorry if I chased too many rabbits, excitement will do that for you!

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When there are no words…

This past week has been a new low for me in my fight against this dread disease-Myasthenia Gravis. By low I mean I have never been this sick in my life. I spent the last six days in ICU running fever, having horrible headaches and the nausea was off the chain. Not a good combination to say the least. I was off and on the Non Invasive Ventilator at first. Having horrible headaches and no one was sure why. I honestly thought I was going to die. I know I scared my family half to death but especially Tal. Days passed and he sat in the recliner in my room with the TV off, at the times I was awake he was there to tell me he loved me. I knew he loved me but this was beyond anything I have seen. My head was pounding so bad that I could hardly function. I was physically miserable. I thanked God for My family and told him whatever His Will was I was ok with it. I know He has plans for me because I am still here. Mama brought me home last night and I’m still in bed. My final diagnosis was aseptic meningitis – google that and scratch your head like i did. Basically i had a reaction to my IVIG, the monthly infusion i take and no one knows why.

Today I have spent the day in bed because I’m sore from the lumbar punctures and the blood patch they did yesterday to seal off a leakage caused from the lumbar puncture.

The Bible never says it will be easy to be a Christian, we all will have battles. So here I am still fighting, until the good Lord says it’s my time to stop.

Thank you for your prayers, texts, and calls. I apologize if I haven’t responded or they didn’t make sense. All I can say is I was not always in my right mind when I responded.

All my love ~ Melynda

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God’s Grace & Mercy

Every morning I pray for my family. I call them ALL out by name: Tal, Adam, Kathryn, Jaron, Mama, Marie, Wyatt, Jenni, Wyatt, Evan, Jody, Dena, Neeley, Cash, Carlin, and Russell for The Lord to keep them safe while they travel. I had a cousin to die in a wreck when I was 13. It was traumatic. I cannot imagine the grief my Aunt Brenda & Uncle Marion felt in losing their only daughter. I pray I never experience that but today Adam called me hysterically crying. He was in a wreck and thought he might have totaled Tal’s truck. I told him to call 911 and asked if he was ok. He said he was but “dad’s truck is not”. I could care less about the truck. I turned around and headed back home. I called Tal & my Mama to try to get to him. The thought of my baby upset and possibly injured made me sick, all I could do was pray and thank God for his provision. Adam later told me his back tire went off the road and the mud made him spin around and he went straight into trees on the opposite side of the road. He kept spinning until he ended up in the middle of the road. He later told me he cranked the truck up and it went far enough to get him out of the middle of the road. This area is a blind curve where he could have gotten creamed after the wreck by another car. I am so grateful & thankful for God’s provision. We are currently in the ER and they are running tests but Adam is “starving” and wants us to go to the vending machine. The doctor came in and said so far everything looks good. He even told him he could play golf tomorrow and maybe his stiffness will help his swing. 😂😂

I want to thank Jan Fernandes, Michael Ferguson, Price McWhorter, Lincoln County EMS, Lincoln County Sheriff’s office, Jr Norman and anyone else who stopped to check on him. I am so thankful to live in a community that is close knit. The EMS made sure to tell me personally that they checked him out and to ask if I was ok. You have to love a small town and small town family because that what it feels like; living around family all the time.

Here’s a few pictures just to tell the story.

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Thank you…

So, if you stood in the gap for me and mentioned my name in prayer to our Almighty God on Tuesday morning I thank you. It’s a long story so here it goes.

I have been doing great! So much so I’ve had major changes in my medicines. My infusions were decided to be stretched out to six weeks apart. I’ve been doing good until this weekend when I noticed I was weaker than normal and I didn’t get my treatment on time because of insurance paperwork. Monday was a holiday for me and so I rested for the most part. I cleaned my kitchen by rearranging stuff just to aggravate my husband or so he thinks. Everyone needs a little change up right? So what if the coffee pot is on the opposite counter? Tal doesn’t think so; all of his stuff should stay in the same place forever. Even the gum wrappers he leaves laying around waiting for me to pick up! You feel me?

Anyway, back to Tuesday morning; I get up tired, get dressed, head to work and while driving 70mph on the interstate this very nice person coming off the Grovetown exit while talking on their phone, never looks where they are going and runs me completely off the road. I was scared to death and proud at the same time. I held onto the steering wheel and eased back over on the road. I’m pretty sure the people behind me thought I drove for the local demolition derby. It was then that I started having some more weakness and shortness of breath. I called Tal and told him, he said you need to pull over. I said “I’m going to Aunt Mary’s meet me there.” He grumbled but agreed. So the next call was to my boss, Kathleen. Here I call to tell her I’m not feeling well and I think I’m speaking clearly but I could tell by the tone in her voice something was wrong. She yelled “pull over and call 911, I’m on the way”. Do you ever think you are saying something and you really say something different? No? Well my speech was breathy & garbled. So I tell her where I am at, hang up, pull over & call 911. I tell the operator where I’m at and think OH MY GOODNESS it’s happening again. I try talking to 911 and all I can do is breathe or struggle to breathe. Here’s the thing, normal people don’t have to think about breathing ; you just do it. Myasthenia Gravis patient’s muscles weaken with EACH breath. Imagine lifting weights, each time you feel more tired but, you have to keep lifting or you will die. Yep! The struggle was real! Breathe,breathe..breathe….breathe…………..breathe…………………………………breathe……………………………………..breathe. The thing that stinks is I can’t strengthen these muscles because more activity can cause weakness. So there I sit in my car, 911 on the phone talking to me and now I cannot move or talk, I am simply fighting to breathe. I hear the sirens, I see a man appear at the window, as he opens the door he steps back not knowing what he will see. Had it not been for the seatbelt I would have fallen out of the car. I have my medic alert bracelet but they don’t even see it. They check my blood sugar, try to check my blood pressure, they can’t find it. My pulse is through the roof, my oxygen sats are 85%. In my nurse mind I’m thinking Ok, Lord I’m ready. I hope I have done all you have asked. I hope I have reached at least one person and brought them to you. Lord, YOUR will NOT mine. I hear more sirens and then who appears in my vision? Kathleen! Who has a boss like that? I do! And can I say that ANY of my coworkers would be there too! I am truly blessed! Kathleen let them know what I have going on and gets my things for me. Here we go to the hospital for the first time in 367 days!

When I get to the hospital I get poked, prodded & wait for it…asked questions. Yep! Completely frustrating when you cannot talk. They realize who I am and then who else walks in? Lisa Ketchum, a respiratory therapist who happens to be a friend and lives in LC. She knows me and starts me on a Non-Invasive Ventilator. Relief at last! I don’t have to fight to breathe! God places the right people at the right place at just the right time!

So right now I am sitting in ICU awaiting the doctors to come in and let me go home. I know you are thinking how does she think she is going home today? Well, I got my treatment yesterday afternoon and I am walking, talking, laughing and ready to get to my house and my bed. Hopefully I will go to work tomorrow. Life goes on! MG has hills and valleys just like everything else. I refuse to let it define me or confine me. I know that my God is The Great Physician & He HAS placed the right people in the right place at the right time just for me; all I have to do is trust in Him! I absolutely trust Him! Do you?

Thank you for reading & for the prayers!


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