It’s Official!

It’s official, the Poss Family no longer have children we have adults. I feel like every emotion is running through me right now. How can it be my baby is 18 today? This week we have registered to vote, signed up for the selective service, changed the class of his drivers license, properly written thank you cards, signed up for college orientation and had the athletic banquet. He won MVP for golf, he shared the prize with Jackson because their scores were within a tenth of a point of each other. He asked me if I knew how close that was. I assured him I knew my decimals. 😂😂 Today we celebrate his 18 years of a precious life God gave us.

Adam has proven to me and his daddy but mostly to himself that he IS the person I have always known he could be. Although he came into this world almost six weeks too soon, screamed for the first six months of his life and then for the next five years he got into everything possible and climbed whatever he could get a toe hold on within thirty miles at least his teenage years have been a breeze. He is my quiet, humble, kind and self conscious kid unlike his sister! 😳🙄

Some days I have felt that I have let him down in the past two years I’ve battled MG. I’ve felt like he has missed out on fun stuff and I have missed out on his things too. I am so proud of his accomplishments because he did them ALL by himself. I may have reminded or questioned him but that was it. He has never wanted to burden me or worry me with stuff. He always says “It’s fine Mama” or “Don’t worry”. When he has written a paper he shows me after the grade. He never seems to be bothered by things but I know some stuff has had to hurt him or bother him. He never lets on, through bad or good!

This boy loves plain and simple. He loves his Grandmas, his cousins and is loyal to a fault to his friends. He wants people to be happy and have a good time. He has a sense of humor like no other. He can be sarcastic like me and not have a care in the world like his daddy. He is perfectly and wonderfully made by an Almighty God and I thank HIM daily for allowing me to be Adam’s Mama.

Son – you will for ever be my Buddy Boy! Daddy and I are so proud of all you have accomplished and we cannot wait for your future to unfold. No matter what…I love you forever and always! ~ Mama

P.S. For those of you wondering my choice of music. The first song comes from his favorite movie growing up. The second one is the sappy Mama song. Hopefully one day he will actually read my blog and see it! Hopefully the link below will work so you can see the video I made for him.





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