Happy Birthday Doodlebug!

So…today our first born celebrates her 24th birthday. It is so hard to fathom how fast those years have flown by. That is until she reminds you of things like “Mama I am exactly half your age”. Geesh! Do kids really need to remind us? Today I feel twice her age and a little extra! Haha!

Today, I want to focus on how beautiful you are Kathryn, inside and out! You have come such a long way from those teenage years! Teenage moms – it can happen, just hang on!

I am always delighted by our evening phone calls especially the ones that you start off with “Mama, today at school when I had to get on a kid. I opened my mouth and you just fell right on out!” It makes me giggle because now you understand why I acted & reacted some of the ways I did with you growing up. You are just like me. Lol, sometimes I just have to apologize for that.

Whether you are teaching, being a wife, daughter, granddaughter, friend or anything else for that matter you make me so proud of the person you have become.

I thought I would share some of her bridal portraits. Kathryn is very sentimental almost to the point of a pack rat but she leaves it at my house or the homes of her grandmas. She cracks me up! Jaron is going to have his hands fuller one day! Note I used the word fuller because his hands are full now poor thing! 😂😂

Here is Kathryn in my veil, she actually got married in it. It was stark white but after 26 years it was just the right shade.

This is her in my Mom’s 50 year old veil. It was too fragile to do much more than take pictures but what a special moment for her and my mom.

And in this one she is just being a bride. When I see this picture I see Tal’s mom Marie with her eyes full of joyful tears and her arms loaded down with stuff. I was in the hospital when these were made and she got to share this special moment with Kathryn.

Happy Birthday Doodlebug! I hope today holds as many memories as these pictures do! May all of your dreams come true! I love you to the moon and back a thousand times over.


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