God’s Grace & Mercy

Every morning I pray for my family. I call them ALL out by name: Tal, Adam, Kathryn, Jaron, Mama, Marie, Wyatt, Jenni, Wyatt, Evan, Jody, Dena, Neeley, Cash, Carlin, and Russell for The Lord to keep them safe while they travel. I had a cousin to die in a wreck when I was 13. It was traumatic. I cannot imagine the grief my Aunt Brenda & Uncle Marion felt in losing their only daughter. I pray I never experience that but today Adam called me hysterically crying. He was in a wreck and thought he might have totaled Tal’s truck. I told him to call 911 and asked if he was ok. He said he was but “dad’s truck is not”. I could care less about the truck. I turned around and headed back home. I called Tal & my Mama to try to get to him. The thought of my baby upset and possibly injured made me sick, all I could do was pray and thank God for his provision. Adam later told me his back tire went off the road and the mud made him spin around and he went straight into trees on the opposite side of the road. He kept spinning until he ended up in the middle of the road. He later told me he cranked the truck up and it went far enough to get him out of the middle of the road. This area is a blind curve where he could have gotten creamed after the wreck by another car. I am so grateful & thankful for God’s provision. We are currently in the ER and they are running tests but Adam is “starving” and wants us to go to the vending machine. The doctor came in and said so far everything looks good. He even told him he could play golf tomorrow and maybe his stiffness will help his swing. 😂😂

I want to thank Jan Fernandes, Michael Ferguson, Price McWhorter, Lincoln County EMS, Lincoln County Sheriff’s office, Jr Norman and anyone else who stopped to check on him. I am so thankful to live in a community that is close knit. The EMS made sure to tell me personally that they checked him out and to ask if I was ok. You have to love a small town and small town family because that what it feels like; living around family all the time.

Here’s a few pictures just to tell the story.

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