Thank you…

So, if you stood in the gap for me and mentioned my name in prayer to our Almighty God on Tuesday morning I thank you. It’s a long story so here it goes.

I have been doing great! So much so I’ve had major changes in my medicines. My infusions were decided to be stretched out to six weeks apart. I’ve been doing good until this weekend when I noticed I was weaker than normal and I didn’t get my treatment on time because of insurance paperwork. Monday was a holiday for me and so I rested for the most part. I cleaned my kitchen by rearranging stuff just to aggravate my husband or so he thinks. Everyone needs a little change up right? So what if the coffee pot is on the opposite counter? Tal doesn’t think so; all of his stuff should stay in the same place forever. Even the gum wrappers he leaves laying around waiting for me to pick up! You feel me?

Anyway, back to Tuesday morning; I get up tired, get dressed, head to work and while driving 70mph on the interstate this very nice person coming off the Grovetown exit while talking on their phone, never looks where they are going and runs me completely off the road. I was scared to death and proud at the same time. I held onto the steering wheel and eased back over on the road. I’m pretty sure the people behind me thought I drove for the local demolition derby. It was then that I started having some more weakness and shortness of breath. I called Tal and told him, he said you need to pull over. I said “I’m going to Aunt Mary’s meet me there.” He grumbled but agreed. So the next call was to my boss, Kathleen. Here I call to tell her I’m not feeling well and I think I’m speaking clearly but I could tell by the tone in her voice something was wrong. She yelled “pull over and call 911, I’m on the way”. Do you ever think you are saying something and you really say something different? No? Well my speech was breathy & garbled. So I tell her where I am at, hang up, pull over & call 911. I tell the operator where I’m at and think OH MY GOODNESS it’s happening again. I try talking to 911 and all I can do is breathe or struggle to breathe. Here’s the thing, normal people don’t have to think about breathing ; you just do it. Myasthenia Gravis patient’s muscles weaken with EACH breath. Imagine lifting weights, each time you feel more tired but, you have to keep lifting or you will die. Yep! The struggle was real! Breathe,breathe..breathe….breathe…………..breathe…………………………………breathe……………………………………..breathe. The thing that stinks is I can’t strengthen these muscles because more activity can cause weakness. So there I sit in my car, 911 on the phone talking to me and now I cannot move or talk, I am simply fighting to breathe. I hear the sirens, I see a man appear at the window, as he opens the door he steps back not knowing what he will see. Had it not been for the seatbelt I would have fallen out of the car. I have my medic alert bracelet but they don’t even see it. They check my blood sugar, try to check my blood pressure, they can’t find it. My pulse is through the roof, my oxygen sats are 85%. In my nurse mind I’m thinking Ok, Lord I’m ready. I hope I have done all you have asked. I hope I have reached at least one person and brought them to you. Lord, YOUR will NOT mine. I hear more sirens and then who appears in my vision? Kathleen! Who has a boss like that? I do! And can I say that ANY of my coworkers would be there too! I am truly blessed! Kathleen let them know what I have going on and gets my things for me. Here we go to the hospital for the first time in 367 days!

When I get to the hospital I get poked, prodded & wait for it…asked questions. Yep! Completely frustrating when you cannot talk. They realize who I am and then who else walks in? Lisa Ketchum, a respiratory therapist who happens to be a friend and lives in LC. She knows me and starts me on a Non-Invasive Ventilator. Relief at last! I don’t have to fight to breathe! God places the right people at the right place at just the right time!

So right now I am sitting in ICU awaiting the doctors to come in and let me go home. I know you are thinking how does she think she is going home today? Well, I got my treatment yesterday afternoon and I am walking, talking, laughing and ready to get to my house and my bed. Hopefully I will go to work tomorrow. Life goes on! MG has hills and valleys just like everything else. I refuse to let it define me or confine me. I know that my God is The Great Physician & He HAS placed the right people in the right place at the right time just for me; all I have to do is trust in Him! I absolutely trust Him! Do you?

Thank you for reading & for the prayers!


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  1. Denise McWhorter says:

    I love you and I pray for your days ahead to be symptom free.❤️

  2. Dee says:

    We are all so blessed, praise GOD!!

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