Celebrating ❤️

Today most people are celebrating Valentine’s Day by going out to dinner or with flowers and chocolates; maybe even with jewelry but I chose take out pizza at home with my family. I’ve not felt good this week I have bronchitis and the cough with Myasthenia Gravis has been something! I have a coughing spell that wears me down and out! My sides hurt, my head hurts but I am breathing on my own and am independent. Last year this time I was in the hospital and came close to dying. So this year I’m celebrating life, love and how far I have come in a year.

I know a lot of you pray for me and those prayers have sustained me this far. Last year I asked The Lord for healing so He gave me what I asked for but not what I expected. 2017 was a year of spiritual healing for me. Yes, I have had many obstacles to overcome but with those obstacles came a closer deeper relationship with God. So this year I asked The Lord for healing in 2018 and He is proving Himself over and over!

Here are a few facts:

1. I am weening off the prednisone. In about a month I should be completely off.

2. I am off all medicines except the prednisone every other day & the Methotrexate I take weekly. I have literally gone from sixteen pills a day to these few pills. That’s 6 pills a week!

3. The monthly infusions are going to be stretched out to every six weeks. This IS the sixth week and I still feel good except for the bronchitis. 🙄

4. I have enough stamina to get up at 4:30-5 every morning, work 8 hours and come home to cook supper. Unless it’s Valentines Day and you treat yourself by bringing home heart shaped pizza. Lol, don’t tell my boys I did it for me. That was their special treat but I didn’t have to clean the kitchen!! Yay me! 😂

5. I have surprised my doctors with how well I am doing. I told my neurologist I want to hear the “R” word this year. That “R” word is remission. I know it is possible because God is my beginning and my end. He is ever faithful and all I have to do is trust Him. And I do whole heartedly and completely!

6. Last little fact, on February 17 it will be exactly one year since I checked out the hospital the last time. WHAT?!? I know right! A whole year!

My God is faithful, forgiving but most of all loving! He has blessed me beyond measure with a wonderful family and you my wonderful friends!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love you and so does an Almighty God. I pray that you know him too!

~Melynda 😘😘

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