9 months

Nine months is a long time especially if you are pregnant which I am not! It’s three quarters of a year and this past weekend I celebrated nine months of being hospital free! Woo Hoo!!! Nine months I’ve had at home with my family, at work with my work family and at church with my church family. I do venture out more but this is cold and flu season so any germs would be a huge set back and I don’t want any set backs!

I’m trying not to busy myself with life but life intervenes at times and takes over! Well let me tell you in being sick I have learned that if you let it the monotony of life rule you it will! I’m refusing to let that happen. This world is NOT my home and I refuse to conform to the ways of it or let it rule my life. My family is precious to me and I plan on spending as much time as God gives me with them celebrating the little things. Today was monumental at my house. Why do you ask? My baby, excuse me I mean my son, applied to his first college today. It’s huge! He has not ever been one to express goals or plans or wants in advance. He is my fly by the seat of your pants kid. His sister on the other hand probably has a secret list of the rest of her life planned out. She’s just a smidge like her mama! Adam is Tal up one side and down the other with the exception of my eyes and blonde hair! Between the two of them they make me a little crazy somedays! 🙄

This week one of my parents best friends passed away. Time is passing quickly, too quickly! When I was a kid old people died not young people. Doc Hagerson was a person that never aged! He could make you laugh quicker than anything. He always had a smile on his face and joy in his heart! I am sad he is gone but happy that I know where he is. The thought of my parents and their friends getting older is so hard to grasp. My mom is my firecracker, “I will still whip your butt”, get up and go person. She celebrated a birthday this past weekend and said “age is just a number it don’t mean a thing”. So with that being said I’m taking a little break from social media. I want to focus more on my family and striving to be a better follower of Christ. You see all of this human junk gets in the way of that.

Monday night’s football game was a fine example. The half time show, my goodness what a controversy over the entertainment. Personally I did not like it at all! Dogs howling at the full moon are much easier to understand than the guy on the tv. However to each his own but, that type of music and getting drug down by all the controversy of Facebook comments didn’t help me get one bit closer to Jesus. If you know me you know I’m choosing Jesus over any rap, country, rock, pop and even christian singer there is. Heaven is for real and I plan on being there for eternity! I cannot call myself a Christian and be ok with where this world is headed. I’m just saying! Where are you in your walk with Christ? Are you willing to choose? I am!

I still plan on writing my blog and sharing things with you but I am refusing to be addicted to checking my Facebook everyday or getting pulled into the drama. If you need me I am here for you. I will be praying over requests that I know about. I just cannot let social media take over my life. My goodness God has given me nine months of healing and how do I choose to use it? NOT addicted to social media!

I am not perfect nor do I ever claim to be. I just know where I stand and what is important to me. I also know that if The Lord presses something on your heart you should probably choose to do what He asks. I can’t imagine trying to answer for something that I knew I shouldn’t have done and chose to do it anyway. 😞 Been there, done that and I didn’t like the guilt and frustration that followed.

Life is too precious to miss out. Hug a little more often, smile all the time, laugh at yourself (I’ve got that down pat) and love deeply. What have you got to lose? Nothing, absolutely nothing! Joy is a gift, don’t let anything rob you of it! The JOY of The Lord is my strength!

Thanks for reading and supporting me in your prayers, thoughts and kind words! Much love ~ Melynda

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