2017 is in the books, bring it on 2018!

For our family 2017 has had a lot of hills and valleys. Our daughter got married, our son started his senior year in high school, we buried Tal’s Big Mama and I have fought Myasthenia Gravis with every fiber of my being. With all that being said for the highs and lows we have had, I have lived each day to the fullest. 2017 for me personally has been a time of spiritual growth. I asked for healing at the beginning of the year and little did I know God was providing for me with much more that I could have ever dreamed!

This year I learned what it means to “pray for somebody”. If I tell you I will pray for you, know that I do. I pray every day for numerous people & their issues. Sometimes if people are heavy on my heart I just pray for God’s guidance for them. Sometimes it’s specific prayers if I know what you need. And let me tell you I don’t mind praying publicly or privately God hears it all!

I’ve learned what it means to “be a witness”. Let me tell you right now; I still fail in this department! Often times I feel scolded when I do or say something wrong! I have learned that even in our worst of times how we respond IS a witness. Also let me say that when I fail it’s generally because I don’t respond like I should. Those times are a lot less than they were in 2016 but I still suffer with the whole butt overloading my mouth deal. I have to ask The Lord to forgive my failures a lot! And praise Him, He DOES!! Hallelujah!

I’ve learned patience & that my friends is a hard lesson to learn! I still struggle with it but MG has helped me to be patient with myself, my family & most of all God’s responses to my prayers. If He answered every prayer immediately we as humans would ask for everything we don’t need and nothing we do. It would be instant gratification and that is definitely NOT of God. We can’t run a race if the finish line is only steps away!

I’ve learned a whole new way of normal. I have always just done things so I don’t have to keep asking (Ladies you know what I’m talking about) and I have not allowed my husband to be a husband. I mean I have put down flooring, replaced electrical outlets, put in new countertops, toilets, etc. the whole nine yards; Now I can’t really do physical labor and it’s hard to ask for help. Here’s an example of how I let my husband be a husband. I was with my mom riding in the car and Tal calls to ask me what the error code was on the washer. “Uhm, I have no clue, you are there google it” was my response. Tal huffed as he hung up the phone, typical! 😂 About 10 minutes later he called me to tell me he had fixed the washer and that I needed to clean the filter more often. Ok so I didn’t even know the washer had a filter! I asked him how he knew and he said “I googled it!” I didn’t even know that Tal could even google or he could take the thing apart to clean it! I was so proud I called his mama to share! Tal goes grocery shopping, he washes mostly all the clothes, he sweeps, helps me in the kitchen and this is huge! I feel like we accomplish things together now even if it is just a simple chore at home. That’s how it should have been all along but nope my stubbornness robbed us of that in the past. Now we are truly a team, I’m the right hand and he’s the left! 😂😂😂 Inside joke he is left handed and I am right handed.

I am healthier now than I have been in a while. I have reduced my meds, gained strength and stamina. I can smile again. I know that statement sounds weird but MG has robbed me of being able to smile or show any kind of emotion through facial expression. A patient at work this week whom I have never met told me that she could “tell by the smile on my face” that I had the sweetest disposition. I went to my office and cried while I thanked The Good Lord for healing. It’s the little things we take for granted that I have lost to this stupid disease and that I miss the most. God is giving them back to me one at the time so I can be thankful and enjoy them again. I know this year I have had a huge healing both spiritually and physically I am grateful & thankful for BOTH! I know complete physical healing is coming!

I’ve learned to appreciate family more. Big Mama is truly missed by our family. I don’t think a day goes by that we don’t say something about her or our dads. Yes, we miss them like crazy and wish they could be with us but, I know they are in a far greater place than we could ever imagine. I mean could you imagine celebrating Jesus’ birthday face to face with Him? Wow!! I try to let everyone know I love them and I am here if they need me. Yes we’ve seen heartache and loss but what a glorious day it will be when I see Jesus and my family that is waiting there for me.

I can honestly say that 2017 was one of the best years of my life because I am in a much better place all the way around! I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store! I feel it in my bones that it’s going to be a great year! I cannot wait to shout and praise Jesus for all 365 days of it!

Happy New Year! Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

I love each and everyone of you ~Melynda

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