Turning on a dime….

Myasthenia Gravis is a tricky disease no doubt about it. I was not feeling well Friday just simply worn down. Saturday morning I woke up after a good rest and still felt worn down. I had two picnics – one for work and one for church – to attend and supper for my son in law’s birthday. (I try to cook a home cooked meal for my family on their birthday). I had to make hard decisions that I was staying in bed most of the day and not doing much of anything. Jaron’s home cooked meal came “home cooked” from The Chicken House in town and the sides were made by Kathryn & myself.   I should include that the house was cleaned by Adam. Afterwards, I immediately went back to bed.  My weakness is hard to describe; it’s like carrying a weighted object around on my shoulders and it feels like I have been doing it days on end. Friday it weighed about 15 pounds, Saturday was about 20 but when I woke up at 5 AM on Sunday it was about 100 pounds and I couldn’t breathe or hold my head up. It scared me, I will not lie!  The human in me got upset but my spirit said “Cry out to Jesus” and that’s what I did along with taking my medicine three hours early. I also went on Facebook to ask for prayers. Tal came to check on me and I was visibly upset which made him in panic mode but, I told him to give me some time. After praying for 20 minutes my spirit said “Rest in Him” and I did. I literally slept for 3 hours and could feel my breaths getting deeper and stronger and I slept. Nothing short of miraculous. So if you prayed for me thank you for my miracle. 

I slept off and on all day on Sunday. I can’t tell you if the sun was shining or if it was cloudy.My  eyes were closed probably 18 hours of the last 24. Thank you for the calls, messages, texts but most of all for crying out to Jesus on my behalf. This morning I woke to a renewed strength and I am getting dressed to go to work. My mom is driving me because I don’t know how long it will last. Good thing is, I work at a hospital with a bunch of nurses and co-workers who will have my door revolving like Grand Central Station checking in on me. My work family is awesome! 

To God be ALL the glory!! Thank you again for your love and support! -Melynda

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  1. Kara Carter says:

    Continued prayers for you during this journey. You are an amazing inspiration to many with your strong faith.

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