A Magical Night…

Tonight my baby boy goes to his Junior Prom. He has worked hard on the prom committee to decorate and raise money. You see Adam is my quiet child so this turn around in his has been a wonderful fun change for me. I am getting to see this handsome, loving, caring young man show other people who he is. I’ve always called him my wall flower. He’s always there, always listening and taking everything in. Then when he was little we would get home and he could ask the most random questions about stuff people had said or done that we never paid attention to. Sometime it would be hysterical, other times we would worry what he told other people! 😳

Tonight Adam and his girlfriend Isabelle are headed out dressed up for dinner and dancing. I hope and pray it’s the time of their lives and they soak up all the fun that goes with it! I have prayed for travel mercies and smart decisions! Her parents, her sister, her brother, my Mama, Tal’s Mama, ny nephew Cash, Tal, Kathryn, Jaron and myself are all eating a big meal at the Chicken House before we get to go watch them make their grand entrance at the prom. Adam just text me, he & Isabelle went to see Big Mama, Adam’s 93 year old Great Grandmother. I’m pretty sure it made her week! I can’t wait to call her and hear all about it. For now I’m going to keep enjoying the company and this “Magical Night”.  

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