Take the World, But Give Me Jesus…

This hymn was written in 1926 by Fannie J. Crosby and the lyrics ring true today 91 years later. The first verse goes; Take the world, but give me Jesus, all it’s joys are but a name; but His love abideth ever, through eternal years the same. 

As a Christian in today’s society it is spiritually hard to watch t.v., be on social media, listen to secular radio, etc.  We are bombarded with hate, anger, lies and despair and I struggle by letting this “get to me” causing anxiety and frustration. Guess what? Someone with Myasthenia Gravis does not need to do that because it causes flair ups and with that my body is not dependable and I am no good for anyone. God has been pressing on me through family, friends and His still small voice to be a Disney princess and let it go. In fact it’s my Mama’s catch phrase. So I’m trying to learn to let go of the hate that has been shown recently that truly bothers me. This hate has not been shown to me personally, but revealed through social media where be it the news, Facebook, twitter or whatever; it is robbing me of my joy! I refuse to let anything steal my joy. Each day with my family is a gift I intend on enjoying with each breath God gives me. We are never promised tomorrow &  I could die today but I will die rejoicing in the fact that I know Jesus personally! So with that being said I want to touch on a couple of things that God is pressing on me about. 

First, as I sit here drinking my coffee that my $200 Keurig coffee system brewed, typing on my $500 iPad; I have no reason to spew hate about anything. It’s pouring down rain and 5:30am; I am dry, warm and have light to see by. I am a lucky lady. I have many things some people don’t and I don’t have some things other people do. Doesn’t matter to me; it’s just stuff and I have been given way more than I deserve. I live VERY comfortably. Now, I have a second cousin that is 22 years old that has packed up her essentials and moved across the world following God’s call to be a missionary. She is currently in Cambodia and living without family to heed her calling from God. She is far braver than I could ever be, I am proud of her and find strength in her desire to please the Lord. I pray for her and her safety. Please add her to your prayer list, her name is Kristie. Since she has been gone she has lost her grandfather and I know she has to be aching for that loss with no one to physically provide comfort. Peace, direction & safety are my prayers. She is having to learn a new language, culture and a new way of life & here I sit comfortably. Take the world, but give me Jesus has a whole different meaning for Kristie.  She’s ALL in! I desire to be ALL in but I struggle and it is a really hard struggle some days. I am a spoiled brat because I have too many things I am dependent on. I plan to simplify my life this year. Get rid of things that have me tied down and dependent. I can’t take it with me when I die! Heaven has every thing I need! 

Today starts the second day of a new president in office and the news, social media & what people are saying makes me physically sick. Everyone has an opinion and that’s fine but my goodness do we have to be so ugly about it. This campaigning, election & swearing in processes have been the most hateful by far. I chose to get on my knees and pray for the election, not a candidate. I asked God to heal our land because look at it, IT IS BROKEN! He is the only one that can fix it. I do not support the people that are marching, rioting, picketing or sitting in the name of their cause. Why you ask? What good is it doing? We have elected officials in office that we voted for. WRITE them; CALL them; EMAIL them; they make the change! Smashing a window, blocking traffic and  spewing hatred does nothing but cause conflict. These officials make the change and they have to hear from you the voter. Pray about your cause, ask God for discernment. Then write a letter and before you send it please let someone proof read it so that you make your point. I am the world’s besr proofreader after I send something then I want to smack myself. 😳🙄😂 When you take the time to write the letter and mail it it shows that you actually care about what you are fighting for. You took the time to make a clear level headed point not one in anger and hate. Then you go out into YOUR community and talk with others, get them to do the same. This brings on change not what’s happening now! I challenge you to pray for our new President. He said that the government is going back to the people so, WE THE PEOPLE have to go through the proper channels to make known our feelings. It’s obvious that the Peresident doesn’t trust the media and rightfully so! I don’t trust the media for the truth either. Let your voice be heard through the proper channels. I promise if you take a few days to pray over something before you go spouting off at the mouth it will be a easier pill for people to swallow. I am the queen of spouting off at the mouth so I’ve learned this lesson the hard way! I also challenge you to pray for our elected officials: city, county, state & federal. They are human and make mistakes too. They need our prayers! That is as political as I’m going to get! 

Lastly, I wanted to fill you in on me and my battle with MG. I have several things going on. I have a port that according to X-rays has migrated down 2.5cm and is near my heart wall. It will stimulate my heart causing me to go into what called Super Ventricual Tachycardia or SVT. This makes my heart race and I feel like I am running a marathon. My Fitbit calls it “fat burn” and how I wish that were true! My heart rate will get anywhere between 100 to 190. It makes me feel horrible and causes me to be short of breath. Then as I am panting for air, which is repetitive muscle movement for my diaphrapm, it causes the MG to kick in and I feel like a gerbil on a wheel going no where. I went to the Cardiologidt this past week & he wants to do a procedure called an ablation to kill of the electrical node in my heart that is causing the rapid heart rate. However, nursing knowledge tells me; that’s a permanent thing and I still have this port that can keep stimulating the heart. I WANT this port out FIRST!  The referral is in and I have heard nothing from the vascular surgery people since January 9th when the referral was put in. Frustrated doesn’t describe how I feel but I know God has His hand in this whole process. I need to learn patience and understanding – obviously I’m not a fast learner on this! I need to feel settled in my spirit before I go having a permanent procedure done to my heart. The doctor described the port as a switch that keeps turning on this electrical node. Common sense to me is remove the switch! Right? Yeah, pray for this process please! Pray for my family as they are having to do everything because I physically cannot. I am working everyday, but I cannot drive. I mean would you want me on the road and my heart rate shoot up? I get dizzy and faint and could wreck; so for now my Mama drives me. If my heart weren’t the issue I feel strong enough each afternoon to drive. I do feel like the medicines are being effective and helping me to gain my strength daily as far as the MG is concerned. If it ain’t one thing it’s ten! 

One more confession. The other night on facebook I posted about not realizing how sick I look. I have a confession to make; we got the wedding picture back and I didn’t even recognize myself. Yes, I look in the mirror daily to brush my hair and all but through this disease I have lost my smile (not to mention he 40 pounds I’ve gained). People used to tell me I smiled all the time and I simply cannot. My muscles don’t work like they once did. My children have asked me multiple times if I was mad about something and I didn’t understand what they meant – until I saw the pictures. It made me very upset to see that while others were smiling and joyful – I looked mad. When in reality I was VERY happy for Kathryn and Jaron. Their love for each other was so obvious to me that day. The wedding was everything I dreamed and more. They were both pleased by it and all of the guests seemed to have a good time. My vanity robbed me of my joy – how stupid of me! As my coworkers said you were there, you could have not been and that would have been much worse! How true! Forgive me for my wallowing in self pity. Here are two pictures one that I snagged off of snap chat (Thanks Devante!) and one that my son took. I cut my phone off that day so I could live in the moment! And boy was it worth living in the moment! 

This is Kathryn & Jaron right before cutting the cake.

This is Adam and his sweet girlfriend Isabelle:

As I close this blog post I want to share the last verse of the song with you: 

Take the world, but give me Jesus; In His cross my trust shall be,  Till, with clearer, brighter vision, Face to face my Lord I see. Oh, the height and depth of mercy! Oh, the length and breadth of love! Oh, the fullness of redemption, pledge of endless life above! 

Thank you so much for your prayers, encouragement and support! There are not descriptive enough words to let you know how much they mean to me. I love each and every one of you! ~ Melynda 

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