Grief is a Powerful Thing! 

This week at the Poss house has been rough! Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our beloved Lola. She was a dashchund/chihuahua mix that was given to my now 16 year old son by a co-worker. He wanted a puppy and at 5 when you won’t sleep in your own bed what do parents do? Get a dog!

I have always had dogs growing up. My parents were dog lovers and my dad made Lola ROTTEN! She thought she was suppose to eat what you ate, she was suppose to go where you went and she understood what you said especially if it had the letters b-o-l-o-g-n-a in it! She would smile at you if she thought it could get her a treat and look away from you when you made her mad. She and our 22 year old daughter had a love hate relationship that Lola always had the last word in their disputes. How you ask? Well, when you can chew up all of the most expensive underwear someone owns by getting in their dirty clothes and then proudly displaying them for said party to see. You win hands down! Laugh if you want to, Lola has been ruling our roost for 11 years. Tal, my husband has had a perfectly placed puddle to step in a time or two! Adam & I well, we just fed her and loved her – she knew it. When Adam turned 16 we gave him a choice of several vehicles we had here and he chose my Dad’s old Chevy pick up. The same pick up that was used the last 5 years of my daddy’s life for the sole purpose of driving Lola around the circle in our neighborhood!  Did I say that she was spoiled?

On Sunday night, Lola scratched on the door and came in my Mama’s house; she had been attacked by something. We later found out we have a coyote lurking in our neighborhood. We called our local veterinarian Dr. Tim Causey who met us at his office. I knew it was bad but not the extend of how bad it was going to be. He told us what he thought was going on, gave her meds & put a pressure dressing on her neck. We brought her home one last night where she slept on Tal’s side of the bed and he slept on the sofa. Did I say Lola was rotten?

She did pretty good through the night. She rested off & on. I was up and down all night monitoring her. Needless to say, Myasthenia Gravis, stress and virtually no sleep are not a good combinantion. Yesterday I looked like Popeye when I woke up. My right eye was almost shut and it wasn’t even 6am! We put Lola over at Mama’s to spend the day in the house and rest. I went to work & was not able to make a whole day because of weakness. When we arrived back home Lola was pitiful. She was swollen, struggling to breathe and back to the vet I went. I called the school to talk to Adam and he decided he wanted to meet us there. We arrived first, Dr. Causey said his worst feat was true and the hole in her trachea was larger than anything that could heal on it’s own. Lola was subdued until she saw that white truck turn in the driveway. Her tail was wagging like nobody’s business. She knew the truck and who was in it. Adam came in, we talked and decided we would let Dr. Causey try to surgically assess the situation. He gave her a sedative and did an X-ray which revealed our worst fear. Her trachea was crushed and she had air in every cavity in her body: There was nothing he could do to help her. We could not stand to see her suffering and chose to have her put to sleep. Toughest thing ever for me, I cannot imagine what Adam felt because his best friend of 11 years was not coming home.

My heart ached for my baby! Dr. Causey wrapped Lola in a body bag so we could take her home and bury her under her favorite tree where she laid in the sun everyday. She was wrapped in her blanket when he brought her back and gave her to Adam. Adam and Lola went to the truck one last time. When I had taken care of things inside, I got in the truck to find Lola between us. The same spot she would get when she was fixing to go for a ride. He rode her around the circle in our neighborhood one last time and then brought her in the house to lay on the sofa – one last time. I text my husband through tears to hurry home so they could bury her. My heart was breaking into a million pieces!

We have grieved Lola like crazy! I cannot begin to know what happens to out pets when they die. I can only think that right now she and my Daddy are up to no good, eating and playing.  When my Dad died I held it together except, for when Lola was around. EVERYTIME the doors of my house opened and someone came to visit or bring food she would look for him. When it was not him coming through the door she just pouted. I took her to see him in the coffin and she tried to wake him up. She nudged him with her nose and then looked at me with the saddest eyes ever and rested her chin on my shoulder. She knew he was gone. She made me cry over losing my dad. I knew he didn’t have a life here and was better off but, she didn’t. She was pitiful for months after he died.

Grief is a very powerful thing but God promises us that He is will comfort us when we mourn. In Matthew 5:4 it states “”Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” What peace in knowing God has got us no matter what we mourn. Sometimes it might be our family member, our pets, our health (in my case) or even our job but, I am ever so thankful for that peace.

I cannot thank Dr. Causey and his staff enough for all they have done for us and Lola. They are the most compassionate people you will ever meet. A good veterinarian and staff is hard to find and we have the best!

Here are a few of my favorite picture of our Sweet Lola:

She was probably 6 months old when this picture was made.

This picture was made at Christmas. I told the kids to get in the picture and it wasn’t until after I made them did I realize Lola was front and center! 😂

She loved to sleep and snuggle!

We were taking picture of the snow and if I pointed the camera at her she posed with her leg lifted up – every single time! 😳🙄😂 #divadog

She thought she deserved a pillow too. She would even allow you to sleep on your pillow with her! 😂

You can barely see it but I told her I would take it off if she smiled. I personally think it was more of a sneer.

And our last picture of her. Adam was talking to her and it was sweet tender moment but also one of the saddest.

Thanks for reading! ~ Melynda

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