Happy Birthday Sweetheart! 

I usually write on my blog about how I am doing but today it’s reserved for that special someone in my life. He has no clue how much I love him even though I tell him everyday. So here it goes…


Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would be married almost 26 years with two beautiful children and a love that has outlasted a lot. In the last 3 years we have had so much heartache, the loss of both of our dads & my illness. I never dreamed we would be dealt some of the things we have been through so young. As I type this I imagine you know I have tears running down my cheeks because I am missing you so deeply it hurts. It’s been a week – an entire week that I have not been home with you. These tears make me love you that much more because I know you miss me that much too.  I see it in your eyes when you have been here at the hospital. 

There are not words sufficient enough to tell you everything I feel for you.  I am proud to be your wife. I am honored to be the mother of your children. I have such deep gratitude for you because you have always and are such a wonderful provider. I am happy because you always make me giggle, ok so maybe not always make giggle but at least you realize when you are treading on thin ice – most of the time. I’m sorry you have to deal with this dreadful disease. I am overjoyed by all we have accomplished together. Most of all, I am so thankful you chose me and stand by me always. I have seen you do things in the past 4 months I would have never dreamed you would do. I know life with me hasn’t been easy but I thank you for being here & loving me. I know your birthday will start at home alone (I’m sure Adam will not wake up to tell you) but with prayers it will end up at home together! With everything we’ve been through I am also thankful I am here to wish you a very Happy 49th Birthday! 

I love you Tal Poss forever and always! 

Now for me to share a few pictures which I know will just tickle you because you hate having them made! 😂😂

We’ve come a long way baby but I am so glad we’ve come that long way together. 😘😘

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