This morning in church we had a wonderful State Missionary that spoke. One sentence in his sermon stood out to me. He stated that when asking for his son in law’s specific prayer request. His son in law asked for God’s favor to be shown to him. What a request! God’s favor, not mans!  The dictionary states that the word favor used as an adjective it has  these definitions: regarded or treated with preference or partiality; enjoying special advantages; privileged. 

Oh MY! I want to be favored by God! Can you imagine being treated by our creator with partiality? OH, but if you are his child you are favored! You heard the call and answered for a calling far greater than anything on this earth. You are His child! You are HIGHLY FAVORED! But here is the next thing to ponder. You are favored but has God shown you his favor? When favored is used at a noun it means the state of being approved or held in regard. Just because you are a Christian are you are shown God’s favor? Are you approved by God in all you do? Am I making sense? I am a Mama but it doesn’t mean I am a good one. Just ask my kids some days. They think I am mean and unreasonable at times. I show them favor by treating them with preference because they are my kids but I don’t always approve of their behavior. 

God loves us enough to let us learn and grow. He chooses to gently guide us through the Holy Spirit and it’s up to us to heed the call. Part of my learning process has been through my trials of health issues this summer. Myasthenia Gravis is relentless. Minute by minute it attacks and reminds me it’s there. Today at church I plunged a stopped up toilet and you would have thought I built a 5000 square foot house by hand myself!  Simple things cause great issues especially if I use the same muscles repeatedly. Pure craziness!  Through prayer warriors on my behalf God has bestowed favor on  me and has shown me His favor too. He has shown me that my help comes from The Lord. He has shown me that He is my portion and all I need! Two years ago I needed things in this world to feel special. I’ve learned since then that is a lie of Satan!  Things of this world come and go but God is Everlasting, Eternal, Almighty, the Alpha & Omega! He is my reason to live!  And that is my plan whether healthy or ill, up or down, I can’t stand out in this world unless I am highly favored and shown favor by an Almighty God! My plans should be His plans. My rules should be His rules. My ways should be His ways. 

The speaker said one other thing. Revival starts in you! So with my new prayer for God to show favor I also want a revival; in me.  He also mentioned this song and how true the lyrics are: It only takes a spark to get a fire going and soon all those around can warm up in its glowing. That’s how it is with God’s love once you’ve experienced it. You’ll spread His love to everyone you want to pass it on. Well folks; I WANT TO PASS IT ON!! I want to be that spark. This world needs revival and it can start in me or you! ~Melynda

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