Renewed Strength! 

This morning, as our diva dog Lola stirred, I knew I had to get up and let her out to take care of business. For the past 3 1/2 weeks this has been my test. When I stand will I have stability first thing in the morning? You see mornings are suppose to be my best time because my batteries are charged after prolonged rest. Eight hours of sleep should do the trick for most people but with Myasthenia Gravis the more sleep the higher the charge for me. I am not sure if this is different for other MGers or “snowflake warriors” as we have been named. 

This morning I stood up and actually did not feel like my knees would buckle. I grinned, and walked to the living room, let Lola out and my dear sweet husband was still sleeping in the same spot on the sofa with the TV still going with the exception that one of my kids turned the volume down really low. I should clarify – REeeeaaaaaalllly low! Hahahaha! Probably so we could all sleep last night. Do you feel me? My husband has worked around heavy equipment his entire adult like and he can’t hear thunder! I go fix me a cup of coffee, let the dog back in and he jumps up! ” Where did you come from?” He said.”Uhm, I let the Lola out and fixed me a cup of coffee, I’ve been right here.” I replied. Then as serious as can be he said “You are like a ninja!”  Right then I bust out laughing because I realized he was still half asleep. My laughing  made him look at me like what are you laughing at? So there were two things that started my day off perfectly! You see today I have renewed strength. Not only in my legs but in my family. These last two weeks of a hospital stay and then me not bouncing back have been a huge stress on us. It’s the stuff that makes you wonder if this marriage is strong enough. Will he stay with me? He doesn’t have to, the world tells us to just throw it away, you can find another. But, my sweet Tal loves me like Jesus. He loves me  even though I am imperfect, he loves me even though I’m sick & he meant his vows when he said he loves me until death do us part. Guess what? I meant them too! Has it been tough? Shoot yeah! I am a mean hormonal heifer at times and he can be as stubborn as a mule but, we are a pair. His mom even told me that no man she know has ever loved a woman like Tal loves me. I agreed. He probably has no clue he loves me like Jesus does. He just knows he love me. 

So with my renewed strength this morning I am thankful. Thankful for stronger legs, (don’t think I could go to the grocery store or anything but, they are stronger) a strong family and a strong faith. Faith that gives me a peace that all will be fine. It will be in God’s time, not mine. As humans we see a clock but God sees our growth. I would rather live my life serving a God that some call fake than die and find out He is real!  I know He is real! As the song states: I’ve seen it in the lightening, heard it in the thunder and felt it in the rain. My Lord is near me all the time.  My Lord is near me all the time. 

My prayer for you today is that in this time of hurricane weather, election hysteria & A dysfunctional America you can find a renewed strength in Jesus. He can hear your cry and answer your call if you will let Him.

“I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me.”   ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭8:17‬‭(ESV)

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  1. margaret says:

    you are the best love you continue to get strong

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