Three Weeks Down..

Three weeks have come and gone rather quickly I would say. Three weeks ago I took back one thing MG had taken away; my job. I LOVE my job, I love to work and sitting at the house is not for me. I tend to focus on material things and less on spiritual things when I am at home. Clutter & stuff get in my way. Not that there’s that much clutter after being home for 6 weeks. 😂

When I drive an hour to work I start off my trip with prayer, call my mom & listen to the bible on CD. I am currently listening to Judges. I’m taking it all the way through Genesis through Revelations. It amazes me at what I hear on the CD that I haven’t picked up before. It proves to me that the Bible is God’s word. It is living and breathing! When I get to work and get to my office I have such peace and serenity. And i can assure you it is not from the traffic I come through trying to get there either! It that calm assurance that God is real, He is there, He hears me & knows me. It’s a peace that passes all understanding. Knowing that Christ resides in me, works through me and intervenes for me. He know me! 

As these three weeks have passed I have found that I do wear down like nobody’s business as the day goes one.  Some days I have been able to come home and cook. Others have been take out and bed! It’s hard to describe the sheer exhaustion I feel. Not that I ever went to the gym and worked out this hard but; I imagine a weight lifter pushing it to the max and giving it that last hoorah & then feeling like you can’t lift a pencil ; I’m the pencil part. Just washing my face at night is difficult at times. Simple things I took for granted are tough. Last night my son asked me to scratch his back &  I couldn’t. It made me tear up because it’s not that I didn’t want to I still had to get my contacts out, get ready for bed & get in the bed. By the time I got there I could hardly pull the covers up over me. Sounds sad but it’s the new normal around here and we are all trying to adjust. Thank goodness my husband and son are willing to put up with this!  We laugh a lot. My mom & my husband pick on each other relentlessly and it causes lots of laughter which helps tremendously through the rough days. 

Speaking of rough days: This week our family has suffered loss, my uncle passed away. His wife is my dad’s oldest sister. I would like to think I get my optimism from her. She has Parkinson’s disease and HS been wheelchair/bed bound for years. Yet in the midst of everything she is the first to ask “What can I do for you?” She has a servants heart no doubt! She also has hugs like my grandma. Soft, squishy hugs that envelope you and make you feel like a kid again! I fully intent on getting one of those today. 😊 Prayers for her and my cousins Michael & Darrell are appreciated as they are going to have to figure out their new normal. My Uncle Marion was her care giver. I’m not sure how he did it all these years other than loving her like crazy but he did it. About a year ago he took a hiatus and she stayed at a nursing home close by to give him a break. It was for a week so I stopped by on my way home from work. He was there EVERYTIME I stopped by. I laughed and told my mom it was almost more than I could stand because they were so mushy gushy in love.  I told her I expected them to make out at any moment. It was true. I told them that and they looked at each other all doe eyed and laughed. I then said “y’all are fixing to make me lose my appetite.” They laughed again! One thing was for sure they loved each other! I know Aunt Brenda will be at such a loss but she knows Uncle Marion is no longer struggling with this earthly body and has been made whole! 

There it is again…a peace that passes all understanding. It’s a gift from our Heavenly Father for the taking. I hope you find that peace!

Thanks for reading and have a great week! 

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