The Day Has Come…


The time has come, the day she has worked for and longed for the past four years. Where did my curly headed, brown eyed little girl with the thick southern drawl go? How is it possible 22 years have passed in seemingly the blink of an eye?

This week marks a huge milestone for our family. Our oldest child is graduating from college. Tonight there was a program given by the Department of Education to celebrate their graduates. It started at 4:30 and we don’t like to be late so, we arrived at 3:45; I don’t see a problem with that. Being early allows us to be able to figure things out For instance; Where to sit, where the bathroom is, what things mean, etc. I wish I had videoed her dad & I trying to figure out what the teeny tiny symbol by her name was & then what it meant. We did not graduate from a 4 year college so we didn’t know which was better than the other: Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude & Cum Laude – it was too funny hearing my husband say them much less trying the decider the astrick, dot, or circle. I had to hold it close & his arms were not long enough. We finally decided “Crap, when did we get old?”  Then in she walks embarrassed that we were the first to get there, giggling at ourselves & frustrated by our questions.

I don’t think she realizes she & her brother are our world. There are two things we know  we were blessed with and that is our children. In raising them we tried to instill manners, morals & Jesus into their lives. We think we did good while she thinks we are crazy old people. Sometimes I think she feels we are an embarrassment to her. Oh well, God gave her to us, she might as well like us because she is stuck with us.  We might be crazy old people but we have fun being crazy old people!

Tonight we celebrated her accomplishments & she signed her teaching contract for the next school year with the county she wanted most!  Two HUGE steps into adulthood: two things that make her dad & I beam with pride while silently crying inside. Tomorrow she dons the cap & gown and walks across that stage to accept her diploma. Her dad & I will be there watching through tear filled eyes – at least mine are tear filled; he just always “has something in” his. Proud emotional basket cases – best description I could come up with but that’s us.

I apologize for the rambling but if your kids are small and still require you to cook for them, wash their clothes or even scratch their head until they fall asleep – JUST DO IT!  Because if you don’t slow down and enjoy even the frustrating times they will be graduating college and starting their own dreams.

Here is one of our favorite pictures. No matter how old she gets she will always be our spaghettio wearing Doodlebug! Kathryn – your daddy & I love you to the moon and back a thousand times over!


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