When did people start thinking they could break the rules?

OK so I was raised to follow the rules. How about you? Rules are pretty simple, don’t do this, do that, how complicated is that right? Do not steal. Do not murder. Honor thy Father & Mother. Pretty straight forward right? Well then what is up with today’s society thinking that rules should be broken or conformed to suit each others needs or wants? I simply do not understand.

I work for the public school systems and it’s not the kids, it’s their parents!!! Kids learn from behaviors exhibited to them. Get a grip parents, YOU ARE THE EXAMPLE!!! Yes your child has a teacher or parapro or librarian or principal or secretary or counselor or even school nurse that are there to assist in the educational process but they are with you longer than anyone else. Again I say YOU ARE THE EXAMPLE!!! If you think you can whine, complain, yell or whatever else to get your way, what kind of example are YOU???

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