In Memory of James Fuller

In every family there is that one person that you think never ages; you know you have one. My cousin James (actually he & my daddy are 1st cousins) is the one person that has looked the same since I was a kid.  Today my mom called to deliver some shocking news to me, James died this morning. He recently was diagnosed with cancer and from what mama said it was everywhere. I could not believe the one person in my family that I thought was 6 foot tall and bullet proof  is gone. Granted he was old enough to be my dad but it’s still a shocker.

There is not one word that describes James Fuller; there are thousands! And yes I am laughing as I type that. In our family when someone is saying or doing something they shouldn’t be there is a distinct laugh that gives them away; a deep belly laugh that makes you want to run over and see what was said. My grandfather did it, my aunts do it, my dad does it, heck even my brother & I have the laugh. One thing I can say true to fact is if the family was all together and James was there, he was in the middle of the crowd doing the belly laughing.

I will surely miss him but not near as much as his sweet wife Mary, his sons, daughters, grandchildren, brothers & sister.  So here’s to you James, may you now finally be able to breathe deep and laugh a lot.

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