A Day of Tears

Oh my goodness have I been an emotional wreck today. This morning Kathryn & I got up early and went over to the Driver’s License Office so she could take her driving test. We prayed when we got there the skies were overcast and my husband called to tell us it was raining in Evans. I begged God to hold off the rain at least for a little bit so Kathryn could test. She has worked so hard over the summer to do her Joshua’s Law and the 40 Hour Parent/Teen Guide that was a chore in itself. I am not one to be dishonest so I had to read over the whole thing and check off the 13 pages that she had spent so many hours on each task. Then log the 40 hours of driving, 6 of those which have to be at night. It took a long time and a binder to put all of the stuff Georgia requires of a teen driver. She has more training than me I think! LOL!

She left the parking lot today with the instructor, I prayed. She got back, I prayed. I think the Lord knew I meant business today LOL! Sometimes I think when I get to heaven He is going to look at me and say: “You know Melynda, some days you were just straight nutty, but you kept me entertained!” When Kathryn and the instructor walked in the door Kathryn sat next to me. “Did you pass?” I asked. “I don’t know!” she exclaimed. SO….there we just sat looking at each other in sheer terror. The lady called us up front and simply said “I need $10.” I started writing the check and politely asked “Did she do good?” to which she replied “Uh hu”. WOO HOO she did it! My baby can drive!

Wait, rewind……….MY BABY CAN DRIVE 🙁

We get home and Kathryn has obligations to the yearbook she has to attend to so out I get and off she drives only to start uncontrollably sobbing in my driveway. I mean SOBBING do you hear me, snubbing the whole nine yards. What in the world just happened? This precious baby that God gave me only like six months ago is driving?!?! I called my husband who was no help. I only promised him “YOU WAIT ‘TIL YOU SEE HER DRIVE AWAY!” Didn’t work, he laughed.

So as if that were not enough tears for the day I am currently trying to psych myself up to take Adam to Middle School for his new student orientation. Glory be pass me the Kleenex and I mean the whole BOX!

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