Welcome to our Website!

I am excited to start up our family website! This will be my place to share the funny stuff that goes on in my life. Let me introduce myself:

I am Melynda Fuller Poss, I married my best friend Tal on December 19,199o (cannot believe it’s almost 20 years). Together we have two children: Kathryn 16 and Adam 10. Don’t let me forget our pets: Hershey our 10 year old chocolate lab that can tattle on our son when he doesn’t feed her! LOL! And last but not least the laziest dog ever, Lola our daschund-chihuahua mix, she eats, sleeps, sleeps some more and eats some more!

I am also a nurse for our local school system and thoroughly enjoy my job. The kids crack me up! I hope to have some great stories to share on our website.

OH! ONE MORE THING: If you need a website, personal or business I can hook you up! My only brother has a company that develops websites check out their site:  www.designsparc.net

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